Your Pharmacy Newsletter: Wellness Connection

STARx Pharmacy Wellness Connection

The Wellness Connection is your pharmacy newsletter. It is produced by STARx Pharmacy each month. Click on a month to download that month’s Wellness Connection as a PDF.



October 2013: “Talk About Your Rx”

September 2013: “Natural Supplements that Help Lower Cholesterol”

August 2013: “Uncovering Causes for Skin Irritation”

July 2013: “Do You Have Enough of the Marvelous Molecule?”

June 2013: “Male Menopause Is Not A Myth”

May 2013: “Hormone Replacement Therapy for Improved Quality of Life”

April 2013: “Mixing Alcohol & Medications”

March 2013: “Solutions for Getting A Good Night’s Sleep”

February 2013: “Natural Products to Avoid to Stay Heart Healthy”

January 2013: “Are Your Hormones Out of Balance?”



December 2012: “Sorting Out Cold and Flu Medications”

November 2012: “America’s Other Drug Problem”

October 2012: “Alternative Ways to Take Your Medications”

September 2012: “Supplementing Blood Pressure Medications”

August 2012: “Medication Alternatives For Our Furry Friends”

July 2012: “Set Your Sights On Good Eye Health”

June 2012: “Medications That Make You Sun Sensitive”

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