Patient Resources

Discover our Patient Resources at STARx Pharmacy

STARx Pharmacy’s goal is to provide you with customized solutions and expert advice. In keeping with this goal we want to bring you the following patient resources in hopes they will aid you in living the healthiest life possible. Click each link below to learn more!

Published Topics

STARx Pharmacy has been featured in press such as Healthy Living and Lake & Sumter Style. Check out the articles below by topic to read more! We will feature all forms of content from videos to published articles on various topics here – so feel free to visit again!   [Click for more information]

Recommended Books

 We bring only the most trusted resources to you. That’s why we are excited to recommend books by Dr. Edwin Lee and Dr. Angeli Maun Akey, MD.   [Click for more information]

Wellness Connection

We produce a monthly Wellness Connection that provides information on various topics relevant to you and your family. It is our hope that these articles will help you to live a more healthy and fulfilling life.   [Click for more information]

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