Pharmacy Compounding for Kids

We offer compounding for Kids at STARx Pharmacy.

Do you want an easy, effective way to keep your child healthy?Begin your compounding journey at STARx Pharmacy

Have you ever struggled with getting your sick child to take their medicine? You’re not alone as many parents struggle with this. However, it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. There is a great alternative – compounding for kids.

The beauty of compounding is it can be flavored so that your children will actually enjoy taking their medicine and it is prescribed in strengths and dosages to suit your child’s individual needs.

Pharmacy Compounding for Kids

Commercially manufactured drugs are many times not as effective as they should be in providing proper care to your sick child. That is why we think they would benefit greatly from compounding.

Our compounding pharmacist will work closely with your child’s pediatrician to prescribe medications for:

Colorful & Flavorful… the way Medicine Should Be For Kids

When your child refuses to take medication it’s usually due to its appearance, taste or simply because it’s medicine. Compounding is great in that, we take your child’s concerns into account, in terms of the way the medicine we make tastes.

We want children to be healthy, that’s why we make colorful, compounded medication in a variety of flavors and put them into childproof packaging. The medication may not look like your typical medication due to its bright colors and fun flavors but rest assured it contains the most effective compounded medication available to your child.

Individual Dosages & Formats Unique to Your Child’s Needs

Taking capsules or tablets can be no easy task for your child…we understand this. That’s why we provide compounding medications in the following formats:

Note: Some compounded medications can be administered using special pacifiers or bottles for infants.

We work with your child’s pediatrician to develop and prepare medications in individualized doses and strengths. Whether your child has allergies, ongoing health issues, or are sick with a common cold we believe that compounding can greatly help your child’s health and wellbeing.

Medicine Made with Care

Your child is special. We understand that no two children are alike and that’s why we make our medicine to suit your child’s health concerns. Does your child suffer from any of the following?

Does your child require sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, or dye-free medications?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help! We take these concerns seriously and work with you and your pediatrician to ensure that the medication they take will not have any side effects as most mass market medications do. We make a customized blend of ingredients in various strengths for your child’s benefit and wellbeing.

It’s your body, let us create a customized, compounded hormone therapy for you…and feel the difference.

Learn more about compounding and our Patient Interaction Portal here.

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